Cinematic, honest compositions written from the purest place. This huge orchestral instrumentation sweeps you on a journey to discover what really lurks beneath the surface of Composer Stacey Silvertongue. A brave portrayal of her deepest thoughts and feelings endeavours to captivate your heart and mind.

Entirely self-funded, Stacey has worked tirelessly with a team of outstanding musicians to create this volume of work. By preordering this vinyl, you will be enabling Stacey to achieve the next steps in her project and continue working as an artist. As a bonus, you will receive the beautifully produced 12-inch vinyl with album art work from the wonderful Kefan Wen.

Mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Nic Hard, who has worked with the likes of Snarky Puppy and Bill Laurance to name but a few. The production is sonically superb. With New York-based Joshua Kessler mastering the tracks to a pristine condition, this bold debut album guides you through a vivid journey track by track. If you are a supporter of all things Bristol, the record was recorded in Music Ape Studios by pioneer producer Francis Forbes Edwards. After the immense amount of work put into this creative exploration, nothing would mean more to Stacey Silvertongue than if you supported by her by preordering the vinyl!